17-02-2011, 22:07   News  ] • Alexei’s first exhibition
Russian dancer Klara Puski back stage at the Lido de Paris

This is Alexei’s first exhibition and he did not arrive at the theme by accident. Having spent the last 6 years performing in” Bonheur”, the Lido de Paris’s latest production, he wanted to create a “Tribute to the Lido”, in celebration of his life journey to this point as he embarks on his new adventure into the world of photography. He then decided to extend the idea beyond himself to combine the past and present of the Lido to honor Miss Bluebell who recently celebrated her 100th anniversary and lays in peace right next to Terrasse Hotel in the Montmatre Cementary. 

Using the unique history of the Lido and Miss Bluebell as an inspiration and understanding from the perspective of an artist why it became known as the most famous nightclub in the world, Alexei wanted to capture the elegance, glamour and detached chic of the famous Bluebell dancers as an image but with a knowledge and intimacy that only a colleague could understand. His challenge was to separate the dancer from the photographer coming from the inside, but looking at it from the outside.

Exclusively using only dancers and costumes from the Lido de Paris, this project has been a personal journey of self reflection and a work of passion to fulfill Alexei’s ambition to remind us all that major attitude and showgirl glamour can still be relevant and fashionable even today and that beauty and grace will always be art.