alexei moskalenkoBiography

Alexei Moskalenko has had a passion and interest in photography from a very early age. This interest lead him to start studying photography very early in his life and he was awarded 2nd place in a national competition in Russia at 13 years old.  

He also has an interest in dance and at 15 he left his native Tuapse for St.Petersburg to study at the famous St.Petersburg Music Hall. After graduating, he was offered a place in the resident company and also toured performing in many theatres in different countries around the world. He left Russia in 1998, and toured extensively around the world, before settling in Paris in 2003, where he has worked as a dancer at the Lido de Paris, the Moulin Rouge and Paradis Latin, while still practicing photography and following his passion. 

In order to develop his photographic  talent further, Alexei ‘s yearning for knowledge led him to the Speos Institute of Photography in Paris, where he studied and graduated in 2010. Alexei’s interest in photography and the visual arts has developed over the years, which he supported while working as a dancer, but it has brought him back to fulfill his greatest dream of working as a fashion photographer and combining all his life experience and performance aesthetic into his photographic work.